David Holt's State of Music 30s promo

Bruce Molsky: "Piney Mountains"

      In 2003 we bought an Arri 2C from our friend and mentor Steve Murray and started to shoot motion. Since then, Will & Deni Films has created award-winning documentaries, videos, and TV commercials. We now shoot RED cameras (Epic and Scarlet). Our latest project is "David Holt's State of Music," a new series for public TV  distributed by PBS.

Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy

Wally West Band: "Taking a Chance on Love"

A Bar A Ranch, Wyoming

Electric Car Project

We All Need Good Teachers

Electric Car Project

Jim Hunt: They're All Our Children

In the Kitchen with the People's Pharmacy

Saving the Hansen House 30s promo

PSA: You Think It Couldn't Be You

A Bar A Ranch Expeditions

Four Seasons Hospice 30s

Jennifer Facciolini: Teachers Speak Out